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I am currently an Instructor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Auburn University.  The full websites for my courses at Auburn are on Auburn's Canvas system.

Introduction to Ethics, Spring 2013, 2014
Introduction to Political Philosophy, Fall 2012, 2013, Spring 2013
Business Ethics, Fall 2010, 2011, Spring 2011, 2012
Ethics and the Health Sciences, Fall 2010
Philosophy of Law, UCSD Summer 2007 (full site)
Introduction to Ethics, UCSD Spring 2009 (full site)

.: Research

AOS: Ethics, Political Philosophy
AOC: Philosophy of Law, History of Political Philosophy, Free Will and Moral Responsibility

I take a new approach to the problem of political obligation, by arguing that it is a type of associative obligation. I start from a broad ethical theory of the obligations we have to our associates, such as our friends and family, by virtue of our psychological connectedness, and I extend this theory to political relationships.  I argue that participating in conversations about the society's policies and principles is itself what binds us together and gives rise to political obligations.  In contrast to alternatives such as social contract theories, I argue that participating in the national conversation psychologically connects us, and this connectedness grounds political obligations.

.: Papers


“Partiality and the Significance of Shared History” in International Journal of Ethics (forthcoming).

“Loving Relationships and Conflicts with Morality” in Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review (Published electronically July 1, 2013; paper publication forthcoming).

"Friends, Family, and Moral Theories" in On the Ethical Life: Essays in Honor of Peter Singer. Ed. Ray Younis, Cambridge Scholars Press (Cambridge 2009).

In progress:
"Associative Obligation as Integrity"